diumenge, d’agost 08, 2010

Grant's Labyrinth

"(...) They might be in Aubrey's room. But he did not know where that was. The more he explored this place, the more corridors and seating spaces and ramps he discovered, and in his wanderings he was still apt to get lost. He would take a certain picture or a chair as a landmark, and the next week whatever he had chosen seemed to have been placed somewhere else. He didn't like to mention this to Kristy, lest she think he was suffering some mental dislocations of his own. He supposed this constant change and rearranging might be for the sake of the residents- to make their daily
exercise more interesting."

(Alice Munro, Hateship, Friendship..., "The Bear Came Over the Mountain", p.299)

dimarts, d’agost 03, 2010

A Kind Of Mourning

“They had slid into an infatuation with an English comedy about life in a department store and had watched so many reruns that they knew the dialogue by heart. They mourned the disappearance of actors who died in real life or went off to other jobs, then welcomed those same actors back as the characters were born again.”

(Alice Munro, Hateship, Friendship..., "The Bear Came Over the Mountain", p.283)